Be Thou My Vision

Great song!

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Amazing Grace

Check it out!

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MuseScore – the Best Free Music Notation Editor

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I will soon begin posting new tunes for existing hymn texts here on I will be posting them as MuseScore files, as well as PDF files.

MuseScore is the best open source music notation program that I have found. Once you learn how to use it, composing and printing your scores can be done quickly, simply, and beautifully.

Here is an example of the output: Promenade Example

Check out, download the latest version, install it and take it for a test run. See what you think. Let me know if you think there might be something better available.

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How About a Hymn Tune Up?

Have you ever noticed that some of the traditionally used hymn tunes seem to be at odds with the message of the words? Here at, we will be “poking the box” of traditional hymnody by:

  • Exploring the history of hymn tunes
  • Attempting to discover why certain tunes have become associated with certain poems
  • Determining how to match known hymn lyrics with other familiar hymn tunes
  • Accentuating the musical techniques involved in creating effective tunes for hymn lyrics
  • Pointing out how to downplay the weaknesses of certain hymn tunes

We will also be attempting to regularly create and compose original melodies for the old hymn texts that might help accentuate the message a little bit better. These tunes may be licensed for use in new hymnbooks, choral arrangements, and solo books.

Our goal is to bring new perspective to some of our traditional church hymns, to help them remain fresh and meaningful to those who may have become deadened to their message by repeated exposure to a familiar tune.

Keep singing your hymns for Him!

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